Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The View from my Window

Last Thursday morning, we woke up to a most unusual sight--it was snowing in Jerusalem!
It very rarely snows here, but when it does, we usually only get about an inch, and then it's pretty much gone the same day.

But this was a really big snowfall. I live on the side of the city nearest to the desert, so we only got about six inches. But people on the other side of town had about 19 inches! The entire city came to a standstill.

My geraniums were suprised at the unexpected snowfall.

The neighbor's children had a great time.

The entire valley, painted white by the storm.
Nothing much to do but quilt "pebbles".

When "pebble quilting" gets boring, piece some 36-patches!

And when the power goes out, do some big-stitch quilting.

We lost power all of Thursday night and Friday. Long enough to finish this little quilt up. (We were among the lucky ones--some people still don't have electricity.)

And when the power came back on, I managed to get this little quilt top partially pieced. Now it just needs the borders. 
We were stuck in the house from Thursday till today, but I really don't mind being snow-bound. It's a nice chance to spend some time with Menucha, cook some savory bean stews, bake bread, make popcorn and hot chocolate, watch a couple of movies, and sew to my heart's content. Nothing wrong with that at all!
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noga quilts said...

Lucky you! Hope you kept warm!

noga quilts said...

And your quilts are beautiful! Love the pebbles, wish I knew how to make it...

Quilting Corner said...

Wow, you know how to enjoy the snow. Just stay in and sew. Good for you. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the snow and quilts. I hope that's all the snow for awhile.