Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Playing with Scraps!

A couple of years ago, I bookmarked an adorable little quilt I saw on Jenn's blog. It was called "Lightning Zigzags" and I just loved the total wonkiness of it. A couple of weeks ago, I pulled out some fabrics and got to work. It only took a day or two, and voila! Finished!

Of course, the inevitable result of this fun was a little bag of wedge-shaped scraps. Yesterday I remembered the little bag and decided to do something with it. The pieces were really tiny! I used them to sew together some really tiny little blocks. Unfinished size: 3". And this was what was left...maybe I have enough for an itsy-bitsy border? 

Time to audition fabrics for the background...Kona Ash? Nah. Too boring. 

Kona Lime? Ooh, now that looks exciting! Of course, the photo didn't capture the real color of the fabric properly. I'll sew it together and take another pic in better light. Then you'll see how fun it is. I was a bit afraid to go with something this colorful, but it has been pretty gloomy around here of late, between terror attacks and rainy days. So I just decided to be brave and take the plunge. Sometimes I just have to get over my fear of color! 

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Quilting Corner said...

I like what you are working on. I miss you.