Friday, July 8, 2016

A Friday Finish

Even though this was a busy week, I still managed to get some quilting in. I had one finish, one of the Monthly Minis from Temecula Quilt Company. 

In the lead-up to July 4th, all the quilt blogs and Instagram were filled with patriotic quilts. By the time the 4th rolled around, I was bitten by the patriotic bug and needed to make something red, white, and blue. So out came all my red, white, and blue fabrics and by Tuesday this top was pieced. I had pinned a quilt from Purl Soho on Pinterest a while back, and used her pattern to make it. I used the no-waste Flying Geese method, and it was easy-peasy!

The quilt top measures 24" x 24", which is a nice size to work on while traveling (my next trip to the States is in the planning stages). I'm going to "big-stitch" quilt it with perle cotton. That should be fun. 
A lot of babysitting has gone on recently. Spent a good part of Wednesday with Tali, who is 2 years old and a little dolly. She's the first girl after 4 boys, and she is very girly! 

Wishing everyone a peaceful weekend. Hope you sew something great! 

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Quilting Corner said...

Lovely, have a great Shabbos