Sunday, July 20, 2008

End of a Long Day

Got a lot done today, packing and getting ready to go to the States. We're going to visit my parents in Florida first, then on to Baltimore.

Weather here has gotten warmer (as if that were possible), making packing more difficult. Have to try to get a lot done early in the morning before the real heat sets in.

We're going to be away for a month, but I miss my house so much when we travel. It isn't fancy, but I love being able to look down into the valley and watch the gazelles and the hyraxes grazing and playing below. I love living right above a forest. There's nothing like it. My DD says "Mom, you're just like Heidi. She couldn't stand to be away from the mountains." Yes, that's it. Just call me Heidi...

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the photo. This was taken in the winter, which is our rainy season. There was a gorgeous rainbow that started--or ended, depending on how you look at it--right in the forest below our house. We had to take the picture really fast before it disappeared, so it's not that good of a picture, but it still managed to capture that amazing sight.

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Janet said...

Hi Susan: That's a great picture of the rainbow! I live in the country, with forest all around and some farms - In the summer, I can barely see any neighbours houses.
The picture of the bee eater is lovely - my daughter, who lives in malta sent me a picture of one her husband had taken - they are so pretty.
Enjoy your trip to the US.
Janet in coastal Nova Scotia, Canada