Monday, July 28, 2008

From Baltimore

Have been in the States almost a week now--spent the first three days in Florida with my parents, who are enjoying a pleasant retirement. We went to the beach, swam in the pool, and ate out at a couple of great restaurants. My favorite is a great place in Miami Beach called Gourmet Carrot, which is all organic. They have meat and chicken, but also lots of great salads and things for vegetarians. My idea of Heaven! Had a great veggie burger, plus a salad with wonderful dressing. Don't tell anyone, but I sat there drinking the leftover salad dressing from the little container WITH A STRAW. Probably the only one on the planet who you will ever see doing such a thing. But that was a great dressing--carrot with fresh ginger. Out of this world!
Friday we flew to Baltimore, where we have a house and many friends. Nice to catch up on the news with everyone. I hope to get over to my friend Kim Komet's house to see her long-arm and what she has been doing with it.
The best thing about my house in Baltimore is that it's across the street from a high school track. In the morning I can roll out of bed and run a couple of miles before it gets too hot. In the afternoon, I can bike a couple of miles at the track with Menucha. Am so happy for the exercise, especially with all this restaurant-going!
Was going through my sewing room and came across this little kit for an Amish style quilt. I must have gotten it years ago, but never put it together. I have Amish quilts on my mind as we are going to drive up to Lancaster, PA this week, so I sewed it up and will mark the quilting lines tomorrow. Haven't been in Lancasterin years, and I hope I'll have lots of great photos to post for you when we come back!

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Grazia said...

Hi Susan!
I arrived here from quilting gallery, congrats for your quilts...they're really so cute!!!!
I visited your country many years ago ( 30 years ago I think)...I found it so beautiful!
Ciao from Italy