Friday, August 15, 2008

Chocolate Heaven!

Two full days at Hershey Park is enough to tire anyone out! There are so many rides and roller coasters and fun things to do there. Chocolate World is my favorite part, especially the spot at the end where they give out the free chocolates...they should call it Chocolate Heaven! The 3-D show is a total laugh riot. We had such a good time.

Tuesday night, after a day at Hershey, we drove to Lancaster and stayed at an Amish Bed & Breakfast on a farm. It was so peaceful there--no phone, no fax, no WiFi. Even though the Amish family don't use electricity themselves, they were kind enough to have put electricity into the little apartment we stayed in, so we really were quite comfortable. When I saw the gorgeous quilt on the bed we were going to sleep in, I near-to died--it was all hand appliqued and quilted, queen sized, just wonderful. And the lady said we were supposed to sleep under that! I was in shock. But we slept under it and it was so, so comfy. At 4:00 a.m. I awoke to the sound of the farmer starting to milk the cows. They are the most industrious folk, the Amish, and their farms and houses are neat as a pin. Our little Menucha had the best time, playing with the farm cats and the dog, and we had a good time wandering the 80 acres and watching the lively little stream. A dream come true, and a true getaway.

As for photos of that quilt, can you believe--I forgot to take a picture of it in the morning light, because we were hurrying to get back to Hershey Park before the lines for the rides got too long. I will have to owe you a photo!

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