Sunday, August 17, 2008

Buried treasure in the Attic

The weather cooled off a bit, so now it's possible to go up and explore the attic a bit. I KNOW my husband must be hiding his millions up there so I can't get my hands on them and buy any more fabric. Well, I couldn't find any money up there, but at least no bats came flying at me when I climbed up. All the old baby things are up there, it's so cute to look at them--the pretty white wicker bassinet, the high chair, the baby blankets, and the little clothes, how darling. I took down some toys to take for Ariel, he will have fun with these now that he's almost 4 months old already!

And guess what else I found? The quilt I made for my daughter when she graduated high school. She keeps asking about it (she's 30 and she hasn't seen it since her graduation) and finally I found it. It had a lot of yellow spots on it. Serves me right for making a white quilt--I'll never do THAT again *LOL*. Washed the poor thing twice with some quiltwashing stuff, it was supposed to take out the yellow but didn't do anything. Finally out of desperation I decided to take the risk and use the Clorox Bleach Pen. Washed it a third time, and voila! it came out nice and clean!

I don't know if you can see all the beautiful hand-quilting on this one. It was all hand-pieced and hand quilted. Took a year from start to finish, a real labor of love...

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Shasta said...

It is a beautiful quilt - I can see why your daughter kept asking about it. I'm glad you got the stains out.