Thursday, November 20, 2008

How do you like this? Made it from a pattern in the book, Stack a New Deck. This was so interesting to make. I just love these fabrics. And these are really MY colors. This was the first time I made a quilt where I just felt the colors were ME.

Got out of bed for a little while this morning. I missed my sewing machine so much, I just had to sew something, it didn't matter what. So I made up some nine-patches, they don't take too much thought. Just some mindless stitching. They are actually for a Sister's Choice quilt. I have a picture of a finished block somewhere. Will post it next time.

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Miri said...

The circle quilt is really quite lovely-I like the half circles mixing in. The 9-patches look great-I did a Sisters Choice years ago for a guild challenge.