Monday, November 10, 2008

Little by Little

After 3 weeks of exhaustion and mostly lying around in bed, I finally got up and went to the doctor yesterday. This was not such a challenge, as his office is across the street. His diagnosis: I had a virus 3 weeks ago, and am still recovering. His recommendation: lie in bed! I probably could have thought of that.
Problem is, I really really really wanted to pin-baste a quilt today and got up out of bed to do it. Since the best spot to do this in on the living room floor, that's where I started out. Unfortunately, this was exhausting, and after neary fainting twice (low blood pressure) I decided to give that up and put the quilt on the kitchen table. Only took 2 hours and around 500 pins. But it's looking pretty good.
Then I decided to take out some charm packs (see photo, above) and lay them out on the floor just for fun. This is a good time to do it, since I banished Emmy to Menucha's room for the morning so she wouldn't bother me during the pin-basting. Emmy has decided that the floor is Her Territory. Anything quilt-related that lands there becomes Her Property. So no matter how many times I iron a backing and no matter how well I tape it to the floor, she comes along, rolls on the backing a couple of times, tears the whole thing up off the floor, and makes it into a hopeless mess of wrinkles. The only way I can get anything done is to Banish her. Doesn't she look innocent? You may notice the Lands End throw on the back of the couch behind her. This is there because Emmy also believes that the leather couches belong to her, and that they only exist for her to sharpen her claws on.

Time to go back to bed...


Miri said...

I'm so sorry to hear you have had such a serious virus but glad to hear you're up and about. Pin basting on the floor (I do it too) can make you dizzy even when you're not getting over the flu.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

cats are such quilting terrors, aren't they. what a cutie pie she is. does she make you feel incredibly guilty by yowling and scratching at the door when she's been banished? mine sure would.