Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pineapple bliss

While I was thinking about Alex Anderson, I suddenly remembered the blue and white Pineapple quilt I made years ago. This was in her book about paper piecing. It was lots of fun to make. I even had fun machine quilting it. I just love that fresh combination of blue and white. It never gets boring.
Yesterday was kind of a gray day, with rain clouds starting to move in by the afternoon. By evening, there was a general feeling of heaviness in the air. So I was really cheered up when I received an e-mail from Miri at telling me she was sending me a BFF award! Well, that just made my day! Thank you ever so much, Miri. Now I just have to decide which 5 bloggers I will pass it along to. That will be hard. There are so so many wonderful quilt bloggers out there. Even though I have never met any of them personally, I have come to love them all through reading their blogs.
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Miri said...

Susan, go to my blog and you'll see the award and the "rules". Love the pineapple quilt :)