Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How do those cats always know? How do they know that the best place in the house to be is atop a quilt somewhere, be it on a bed, on the floor, tucked away on a shelf, or worst of all--when you have all 48 blocks laid out perfectly for that quilt top and they decide that now is the perfect time to come along and pounce on them and scatter them all to the wind?

Doesn't Emmy look pretty here on this Amish-style string quilt? And doesn't it match so nicely with her stunning new blue collar?
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Miri said...

Your Sister's Choice quilt is looking beautiful-I love the colors-warms you up on a cold day just to look at it-gives that cozy feeling.

Heather said...

Cats know that they absolutely deserve to be the center of attention!