Sunday, December 7, 2008

Have been working on the blocks for the Sister's Choice quilt. Sometimes I find that it takes longer to make blocks for a scrap quilt because many more decisions have to be made, such as: can I put this fabric next to that one? Is there enough contrast between the colors here? And are there enough variations on a color to give some depth to the quilt. You have to use care not to put the same fabric in a block twice or to let two pieces of the same fabric end up too close to each other in the quilt.
Thirty one blocks made; seventeen left to go. But I really like how it is coming out. Ended up using a nice green Kona solid for all the star points, and it really unifies the quilt. And I love how all the different browns and beiges and ecrus interact with each other.
Weather here is beautiful, with nice warm sunshine as it has been every day for the longest time. I sat outside on the porch and did some hand-quilting in the sun. What a pleasure.
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karenfae said...

I always love scrappy quilts like this. As soon as I finish some of my already started projects I plan on using up some stash by making a lot of scrappy quilts. You have a nice blog. Seven kids - grown or at home? (I am one of 12 and love large families although I only have 2 grown)

momtofatdogs said...

This is beautiful!

Sam in Middle TN

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Oh I'm loving that quilt. I started one but havent worked on it in awhile. Seeing yours makes me want to get back at it again. Beautiful!!!!