Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thanks to everyone who has sent such nice comments and e-mails about the quilts, about Emmy, about Menucha's haircut, etc.
I would love to reply to everyone who left comments, but some people are on No-Reply and so I don't have your e-mail addresses. There is a box you can click when you leave your Comment; then I'll be able to write you back.
To FirstTimeGrandma: I'm glad you like those houses. They aren't hand-dyes. I don't know if hand-dyes had been INVENTED when I started that quilt (haha--just a joke). They're just good old Kona Cottons.
To Heather: You wrote that it looks like the houses have gardens around them. That's funny; Menucha said the same thing!
To Sam: Thanks a million for sending all the patterns. I'm going to have to wish for more hours in the day!
I really appreciate that all of you take the time to write me. Quilters (and people who love quilts) are the greatest!

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