Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Computer Woes...

My beautiful Dell Laptop has bitten the dust *VBS*. Now I have to wait for my husband to bring me a new laptop from the States, where they are much less expensive. Luckily I am babysitting the darling Ariel today, so I got to use my son's computer. Nice to be able to check e-mail, catch up on the blogs I follow, etc.
Being computerless does have its advantages: more time for housework (yuck), more time to spend with family (yeah!), and a little more time for quilting. Have gotten a lot done on the applique quilt I started quilting in the airport a couple of weeks ago. And I started to piece the Stacked Chinese Coins quilt using the tutorial Amandajean (crazymomquilts) posted on Modabakeshop.com. This is so easy and fun. When I was in the States, I was able to get the Moda Charm squares (Soiree) for the quilt, and also the backing and binding fabrics. This is the first time I have bought any "contemporary" fabrics, and I am just loving the bright, clear colors. Hope to have it done by the time my new computer gets here, and I'll post a picture then.
Till then, I'm thinking of you all. If I haven't replied to your e-mails, I do apologize, and will try my best when I am "computerized" again.

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