Sunday, April 5, 2009

Oh happy day!

My dear husband brought me an adorable little Toshiba laptop last week. As soon as I opened it, it was clear that there was a problem. Toshiba said that for this problem, we needed to take it to an authorized Toshiba dealer. No ordinary computer repair person could do it. So my VERY dear husband (bless him) spent most of his day travelling to a different city to get the computer fixed. In ten minutes, it was done. And now I have my little computer up and running. And when my darling grandchildren in Houston wake up, we are going to talk to each other via my new Integrated Webcam! The interesting thing about all of this was that I got my computer back and running at 4:00 this afternoon. At 5:00, the computer rental company came to pick up the laptop I had rented from them. So the timing was just perfect.
My mother-in-law shares my love of blue and white, and a couple of years ago, I made her a blue and white quilt, all from scraps. She takes her afternoon nap under this quilt every day. But when I was at her house yesterday, I noticed a very PINK stain on the quilt, perhaps from some kind of candy or medication?? Her helper said she had washed the quilt and couldn't get the stain out. So I brought it home with me and worked on it all day today. Didn't want to use anything too harsh that might harm the fabric, but that pink stain had to go! What I ended up doing was putting the stained area over a bucket and pouring boiling water over the stain over and over again. I'm sure someone out there will tell me that was a wrong way to go about it, but after about 20 times, it did the trick.
I really like this quilt. It just goes to show that the simplest pattern can produce something very fresh-looking and sweet.
As one of my astute readers pointed out (thanks, Debbie, I know you're right!), it's not necessary to wash wall quilts just to get out the dust. All it takes is a spin in the dryer on the Air setting. But I still love how a quilt looks when it's freshly washed.
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