Monday, May 4, 2009

No pictures today. Wasn't in the mood to take pictures of anything. Weather was pretty ucky, with overcast skies, lots of dust in the air, warm temperatures, and high winds. Came home tired from today's trip to Betar for the quilt meeting, but I was glad I went. The ladies were finishing up the beautiful gift quilt for their friend, and I got to sit for a while with Sara, who wanted some help with her hand-quilting. I think she is doing great.
Debbie from Jerusalem came to the meeting too. This was her first time there. She brought the most exquisite little paper-pieced quilts to show. Each one is an individual piece of art. I love seeing the things people make.
Will have tea and go to bed.

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Diane said...


Just glancing at your blog. Israel is one of my favorite countries. That sounds a little silly to me. Lately it seems I've been interested in all of the countries that start with an I. Israel, Ireland, India, etc.

I like your blog name just fine! And it appears you do have a lovely view.