Sunday, June 28, 2009

At It Again?

Yes, I'm still trying to work down the blue fabrics in my stash. So I have started a new project--a blue and white string quilt. As you can see, it will have the white center strip, which will make a nice design when it's all put together. Got the first five blocks done this morning, and making them is just the easiest. You just take a strip from the basket, even it up a bit, and sew it onto the one before it. I guess it's called "flip and sew". Or maybe it's "sew and flip"? Am sewing the strings onto a foundation of those Kabnet Wax deli sheets. They tear so easily when it's time to take the paper off. I haven't even needed to change my sewing machine needle to a bigger one, as one would usually do for paper piecing, and if i forget to shorten the stitch length it hasn't been a problem. That paper tears off right away anyway, it's so nice and thin.
The biggest problem with this one, I think, is going to be deciding which boy in the family will get it. I guess it will depend on how big it turns out. Little Ariel doesn't need a big-boy quilt yet, and most of the other grandsons have their big-boy quilts already. But my nephew Ryah's bar mitzvah is coming up in a year from now. This might be a nice gift for him. I know he likes blue. A couple of years ago, I bought him blue Lands End flannel sheets for Hanuka, and he was so happy with them.
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