Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sunday afternoon, my husband, Menucha, and I all came down with a stomach virus. Mostly this entailed lying around on the couch and moaning piteously. The rest of the time (when we weren't moaning), we slept. I guess I had the lightest case of all of us, as I did relatively little moaning, and whenever I got up from sleeping I was able to go over to the sewing machine and quilt a couple of rows.

While my first choice would have been to just stipple this thing and get it done fast--lots of other tops waiting impatiently in line--it struck me that these vintage fabrics would never ever have been quilted in a meander pattern. They would have been painstakingly quilted, a 1/4 inch inside each piece. So that was what I ended up doing, although I did it by machine. Which wasn't easy, as my walking foot is still sticking. It doesn't look too bad, although some of the stitching is wobbly on account of the walking foot problem. Just have to sew the binding to the back, wash and dry, and it's done.

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It's really lovely! I love the way you have quilted it - a great choice! Beautiful work!