Thursday, July 30, 2009

You may be wondering...why all of a sudden the colorful beach borders? Well, here's the reason: on Sunday we're going to Florida! We'll be visiting my parents in Pembroke Pines, not far from Miami, but most of the time we are going to be in Orlando, where we've rented a house with a pool. My DH, who works so hard, really needs a break, so we are planning on spending a lot of time in the pool and occasionally taking time off from the pool to go to Disney and the other Orlando attractions. After all, we'll have our 12 year old daughter, Menucha, with us, so it wouldn't exactly be fair not to go to Disney. Our older kids were all there--some in California, some in Florida. Now it's her turn!

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Sandi said...

Susan, Have a great trip!! It sounds like a great plan to rent a house with a pool and enjoy excursions whenever you please! I'll bet you'll find a fabric store or two!!