Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yes, we are really in Disney. The first time I was here was 22 years ago, and it hasn't changed very much in all that time. They've added a couple of new things, especially the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which was great. The best new change is that they now have something called FastPass, which enables you to get an advance ticket for a ride and come back later at the time they assign you. No more waiting in long lines.
The Magic Kingdom really lives up to its name, Magic! You enter a magical place, and can forget about the world for a couple of days while you are there.
Here is Menucha, having a great time. She went on almost everything. The high point of the day was the fireworks at night, which are truly over the top!
The only problem we had yesterday at the Magic Kingdom was that at about 4:00 it started to rain and poured BUCKETS. It was impossible to do anything. Luckily, we are renting a darling 3-bedroom house not far from the park. We drove back to the house, changed to dry clothes, and had some supper. Later on, when the rain had stopped, we went back to the park.
Today we go to Epcot. I like Epcot the best.
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