Thursday, August 13, 2009

More from Disney World

Yesterday, while we were watching this:
I looked down and noticed this:
Isn't he just darling? I loved how the little red sac (is that the right word for it?) protruded from his neck periodically. It was nice of him to hold still long enough for me to catch it in the photo.

I've been thinking about our vacation and how long it's been since we left home. My husband says we came to the States on July 21. So we have been here for a good couple of weeks. I know it's wierd, but Menucha and I have never unpacked our suitcases since we got here. No kidding, we never got the chance because we have been travelling the whole time since we arrived. I can hardly remember Israel now. But tonight I was thinking about my quilt group in Beitar, and how much I miss all those wonderful ladies. Etty & Company--if you are reading this post, please know that I am thinking about you and missing you soo sooo much! Next week I hope to get to the meeting of my Baltimore group, and I will give them regards from you. I'll try to take pictures so you can see your "sister" group in Balto. Won't that be nice!

Have gotten a lot of the Baptist Fans quilted on my wonky Amish stars quilt. I just love quilting those fans. At this point I'm almost quilting them freehand, which is pretty interesting. Kind-of adds to the wonkiness of it, I think. The stitches are not so great, as a lot has been done on the plane or in bad lighting, plus my pesky trigger finger is acting up again. Will try to take a picture of the quilt tomorrow to show. But I don't know if there will be time for that. We have to straighten up the house we have been renting here in Kissimmee, return the rental car, and get to the airport for our flight. So there will probably not be a lot of spare time. And I am still lobbying to go to the local quilt shop here in Kissimmee before we leave here. We'll see how far I get with that one!
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