Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday's activity

Sunday morning we all took a 2-hour Segway tour. We had never gone on Segways before, and I was pretty nervous when we started out. But we had some training before we got going, we had a very helpful guide, and it turned out to be pretty easy. We went all around Boston, saw the major sights. Everybody really enjoyed it...except for the ones who fell off. I drove mine like a cautious little old lady driver, and didn't fall off or have any other kind of accident, which was really lucky.
I'm really getting brave about trying new things. Last summer, we went white water rafting, and this summer we did the Segways. I won't go on roller coasters, but when we were at Disney, I did go on a roller coaster simulator. Not only that, I went on the simulator twice! Maybe next year I'll get up the courage to go on a real roller coaster! But really I'm thinking more in terms of swimming with dolphins. Now that is supposed to be a really wonderful experience.
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