Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Simple Circle Quilt

Have been so busy, especially since my mother-in-law was hospitalized two days ago, but am still managing to get little things done here and there. Got all my circles cut out for the Simple Circles Quilt, and auditioned a blue hand-dye for the background. It was just too dark and muddy looking. So I am going back to the white background (yay!). Then I looked through my stash and found...
a lovely, cheerful light turqoise hand-dye I had bought at Rosie's Quilted Cupboard in San Diego a couple of years ago. This one really perks the whole thing up! I'll use it for the narrow inner border. Even though the pattern called for cutting the narrow border 1 1/4" wide, I really want the turqoise to show up, so I've cut the strips 1 1/2" wide instead. I really like a 1 inch border on things. Isn't this color prettier?
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Miri said...

Very nice! It will really be cheerful and pretty!

Hope your MIL feels better soon.

Blogless me said...

Go with the white and turquoise - it makesthe circles sing!