Monday, November 30, 2009

Back to Beitar

After a break for a couple of weeks, our quilt meetings in Beitar have resumed. The first thing I saw--and it was love at first sight, I have to tell you--was this gorgeous batik creation by Sara.

Renee made beautiful twin quilts for her beds. She used some fantastic sheets for them. The center is a medallion, and the sides are Chinese Coins.

Not only did she use fleece for batting, the backing is made of a soft and luxuriously beautiful fleece blanket. I want me one of these!

Renee is also working on making Paper Doll pillowcases for her grandchildren. The boys will get Paper Doll Boys, and the girls will get Paper Doll Girls. Each doll comes complete with a wardrobe, which can be attached with velcro, so they can change the clothes whenever they like. How fun is that!

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