Sunday, November 29, 2009

Scored Locally Today!

Our weekend was filled with the three F's--Family, Festivities, and of course...Food. Friday night, a large family meal to celebrate the bar mitzvah of our grandson, and then afterwards a wonderful party to celebrate the birth of the new baby.
Saturday morning, the bar mitzvah itself, and then more family meals. Saturday night, a big party for family and friends to celebrate the bar mitzvah. Seemed like it would never end! Managed not to eat any fancy cake, which there was plenty of, remembering I had my little pumpkin pie still at home. I wasn't about to waste the calories eating cake. Got home from the party and had myself a nice little slice. I much prefer eating my homemade pumpkin pie any day. It feels good to have some will power and resist the other stuff.

A little side-benefit of all this partying was that my DH was in a really good mood this morning, and after a visit to his mother to see how she's feeling, he was nice enough to drive me to the fabric store on the other side of town. This store, Bod Rotz (the name means "running fabric" in Hebrew), has started to carry some quilting fabric. Not too much, but also not too expensive, which is a good thing. Managed to find some polka dots, which I had really wanted, and a couple of other fabrics besides. Now I just want to tell you quilters in the Jerusalem area that they have a pretty big box there in the store, of quilting fabric that arrived from somewhere, maybe the United States. They haven't opened it up yet, they don't even know what's inside it, and they haven't had the time to take a look. The lady there says she hopes this week they'll get to open it up, or maybe next week. Ladies, if you stop in over there, please beg them to open the box, and then take a picture of what they have in there. Maybe if everyone begs them a little, they'll take the time to just cut it open and give us a peek!

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