Thursday, November 5, 2009

Friendship Bags

More about the little Friendship Bag: I sent a picture of it to my daughter in Houston. She showed it to the kids, and now I have an order for 4 Friendship Bags, 3 in girl colors and 1 in boy colors!
Then my husband took the bag I had made yesterday to our other daughter's house this morning. She lives right up the hill and has a BUNCH of little girls (some boys too). As soon as the little girls saw it, they started saying, "Savta (Grandma) made that? Savta made that? We want one too!" So now I have an order for another 4 bags!
My birthday is on the Jewish holiday of Hanuka, when we traditionally give presents to the children--money or other gifts. I always make a party for the kids and grandkids on my birthday. So now I know what I'll give the little granddaughters: Friendship Bags with a little something (a toy or a doll?) tucked inside!

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