Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Boring Blocks!

Does anyone besides me remember when we used to make a quilt out of THE SAME BLOCK, just pieced over and over again, same colors, same fabrics, same EVERYTHING? You're probably too young to remember such a thing, but I was there when it happened, and it really wasn't all that fun.
Well, I had forgotten about it. I'm sure it has been years since I made anything like that. I've gotten used to a scrappy look, and can't think of doing things any other way.
So it was a complete surprise to me, when I ended up making TWELVE identical Sailboat blocks for my new grandson's quilt. Same fabrics in every single block, no deviation whatsoever. And you know what, the monotony was a welcome relief from all the stress we have had in the family lately. Just chain-stitch one piece after another, all the same.
And I think the sashing is going to be just as boring. Stay tuned for more boredom.

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Rannyjean said...

It is beautiful and your grandson will love it. By the way, you were right, the last line was missing from the quilters husband poem, I added it on, thanks for letting me know!