Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another rainy day

Yesterday was cold and rainy. There was snow in the mountains to the north. But none here--just cold and rainy, with strong winds the whole day. I travelled to Beitar for our weekly quilt meeting, which was followed by lunch and a wonderful group trip to the fabric store in Jerusalem. Afterwards, I had to take pictures of some turn circles. This one is pretty standard: flowers, nice stonework, and the usual olive tree in the center.

I'm always amazed at this one: who thought this up? Two funky metal forms in the center. I believe they are supposed to be pomegranates.

But this is my all-time favorite turn circle: a ball that looks like it's made out of granite, rotating on top of a granite block filled with water! It's made to look like the water is turning it around.
I took a movie, and will try to upload that to Blogger. You have to see this thing in motion.

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