Monday, January 18, 2010

Craft Hope

Some wonderful ladies have created an Etsy store to benefit the unfortunate people in Haiti. All of the proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders, who are working tirelessly to help those poor people.
Click on the Craft Hope button on my sidebar, to see what great things are being sold.
I know we are all keeping the survivors in our prayers.
You probably have read that medical teams from Israel were rushed to Haiti right away after the earthquake. They established what is still the only field hospital in Port-au-Prince, and have been treating the injured around the clock. They delivered a baby boy yesterday in the field hospital. Because the people of Haiti are so poor, women can only rarely afford to have their babies delivered by a doctor in a hospital setting. This mother was lucky. She was only eight months along. Her baby was delivered by a top Israeli gynecologist. She was so grateful, she decided to name her baby Israel.
Israel also sent over large Search and Rescue teams to find and save people trapped under the rubble. They did manage to rescue a number of people, refusing to give up even after the initial 72 hours, which was the first estimate of how long people could survive if they were trapped. These teams have gone all around the world, helping out whenever there is a situation like this.
My sister, who also lives in Jerusalem, told me last week that her son (same age as my DD Menucha) is learning to train dogs as one of his extra-curricular activities. Not to "fetch" or "roll over" or "play dead". But to find people who are trapped. What an amazing thing for a 13 year old boy to be doing.
I just read that the Israeli airline, El Al, has now sent another 2 aircraft to Haiti, full of medical and other personel, plus supplies of every sort. I hope we should not have tragedies like this, but it is beautiful to see the caring being shown, from one side of the world to the other.


Blogless me said...

Just for the record: there is a Belgian B-fast team operating in Haiti from Jan 14 that has a field hospital, dog rescue team and provides purification of water. It is a good thing people from all over the world are pulling together to help victims from disasters like the quake. All our thoughts are with them!

ROZ said...

God bless them