Saturday, January 16, 2010

Flying Scotties!

Why do I call these the Flying Scotties? Because I had just started thinking about quilting this, when I got a call saying that new great-grandson baby Benjamin was coming here for the weekend. Well, you can guess what a panic I went into. All the fancy quilting I had wanted to do on this was cancelled, and I just went ahead and quilted it simple and
fast! And it went flying out the door! But it's done, the baby has it now, and that was my first finish for the year! Hooray!
This is expecially exciting, because I think I appliqued the blocks about 10 years ago. No kidding.

Next up on the agenda: the little Confetti quilt, made with a charm pack of Wildflower Serenade. I really enjoy doing the hand-stitching on this. Love how all the little stitches look. Since this is going to be framed (eventually), I just used a piece of flannel for the backing. No batting at all. It's really supposed to have embroidered borders, but I KNOW I'll never get around to the embroidery, so I just put on some black borders, and they'll get some nice cable quilting. That should be fun.

I did get up the courage to make a list of all my UFO's. And I listed some of them on the sidebar of my blog. But I still have a couple more to add to the list :-0 Kind of like going to Weight Watchers and stepping onto the scale, isn't it? I'm letting the whole world know.
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Gypsy Quilter said...

Wonderful scotties. I've always liked that pattern. Congrats on your finish.

Blogless me said...

While looking at the Confetti quilt I thought "Oh, these are yummy fabrics"... and then I realised I have a charm pack of the Wildflower Serenade neatly tucked in a box waiting for something to happen. Well, I shall look at it tomorrow and see if it's time has come ;-)
Thanks for making me remember.