Friday, January 22, 2010

More Signs of Spring

I hate to make my friends in the States jealous, but today is warm and sunny. Probably going up to 70 degrees. My aloe vera plant has once again started the funny flower it produced last year. The top of it looks just like an asparagus tip, doesn't it? It grows very tall, and then it opens up into a lovely flower.

My geraniums made it through the winter nicely, although it looks like they can use a trim. Even the basil and mint made it okay.The temps never got down low enough to bother the basil at all. I love some fresh basil on pasta or homemade pizza.
Since we don't have a real yard where we can plant things, I have everything growing in pots. Upstairs on the porch I have some window boxes where I've planted collard greens, no kidding. And they're doing very well. Next time I'll have to get a photo of them.

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Blogless me said...

Do you make aloe extract from your plant? I was wondering how that is done.

ROZ said...

I live in California and we have the some of the same flowers