Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just One More Lion

AAAackk! I have pictures to show you, but they are still tucked away in my camera. Which is in the bedroom being occupied by my seriously jet-lagged husband. So I can't get to them right now. At least I can share with you this lovely lion, all in white, with a pigeon on his head (I think that's what that bird is) and a pair of wings for himself. Love the idea.

The weekend here was rainy, and it's not over yet. On Friday we had lots of rain, at least a couple of inches. In the valley below our house, the rain ran down the hillsides and formed a roaring little stream down in the middle, complete with several noisy waterfalls. We could hear the water rushing along from our windows. Friday afternoon, the electricity went out, just as we were making our Shabbat preparations. Luckily for the Shabbat food, we have a gas stove, and were able to keep things cooking. But the potato kugel (pudding) in the electric oven had a hard time of it! After several power-free hours, the electricity was finally restored and we were able to get back to business.
This morning, I went out to walk and there were intermittent drizzles. For a country that has had probably five years of drought, this is all very appreciated.
Have managed to get some work done on my hand-quilting, also am almost through reading the three books my DH brought with him. Can you guess which ones?
Gwen Marston's Liberated Quilting II
Freddy & Gwen Collaborative Quilting
Kathleen Tracy's Remembering Adelia

So much inspiration!
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