Thursday, February 25, 2010

Walking in Jerusalem

Today is rainy and dark, but yesterday was sunny and beautiful. I had a doctor's appointment in town, and afterward I took a nice walk around.
Things were blooming everywhere.
Love these bluish-purple flowers.

And my absolute favorite--those blossoming trees. Have I bored you already with them? I can never tire of them, especially after all these months of winter.

The symbol of Jerusalem is a lion, and lions of every sort can be found here and there. Here's a little porcelain one. He and his twin brother were guarding the doorway of an art gallery.

In front of a car rental place is another lion, this one is MAMMOTH, and covered with mosaic tiles. Click on the picture to get a better view.

My husband came back from the States tonight, after a 10 day trip. He was a saint and didn't say a word of complaint about the batting, fabric, books, etc. he dragged here for me. (But I can imagine what he was thinking!)

Don't forget to stop over at the Quilters Corner and take a look at what the ladies from our quilt group have been up to. Our hostess, Etty, has created a blog for the group, and it's just great. Please leave a comment and let her know you dropped by!
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