Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What a Long Day!

I see it's been a couple of days since I last posted. Well, things have been busy. I have to get up at 5:30, run 3 miles, and then work on getting things ready for the Passover holiday. This means scrub the house from top to bottom, move lots of furniture so I can clean behind it, bring in the boxes of Passover pots and dishes from the storage room, and stock the house with the special Passover foods. You know, the four special Passover Food Groups: matzoh, potatoes, eggs, and chocolate. You would think by now we could come up with something new, but this seems to be the diet every year. Sigh. And just when I thought my weight was under control. At least it's only for a week.
Meanwhile, I am getting ready for my trip to Houston, to help my daughter there when she gives birth. This mostly involves making plane reservations, writing a detailed list of quilting supplies I will need to pick up at Quilter's Emporium, my favorite Houston quilt shop, and ordering quilting-related items to be delivered to my DD's house in advance of my arrival. As I am trying to minimize my spending, so far I have only ordered two items. And they are:

One cute little honey bun of Sandy Gervais's Objects of Desire. This was the Quilter's Daily Deal one day last week at Missouri Star Quilts. Every day at midnight, they post a different wild deal. This one was for a Honey Bun for a ridiculously low price, but they didn't say which Honey Bun you would get. So I took my chances, and this was the one they sent! How fun! 

And yes, the second thing I ordered was a book...

Yes, I know I had said that after buying Gwen Marston's new Liberated Quiltmaking and also the new Freddy and Gwen book that I would never, ever, ever need to buy another quilt book. But the quilts in this one are so wonderful, so inspirational, and so timeless. I just had to have this book. This is the last one. Really.


Quilting Corner said...

I was tempted to buy this Amish book also. It looks wonderful and I'm happy you will be getting it.
Love, Etty

Debbie said...

"And just when I thought my weight was under control." You're kidding, right?

You still thinking about going next week?

Have a good Yom Tov!