Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another April Finish!

The baby quilt is bound and ready to go to its new home. Washed and dried and soft, and crinkled-up just like I like it.
With a gingham-looking back that sort of matches the old-fashioned feel of the charm squares.

The top came out pretty wide, so I got the chance to use some more of those Baskets of Flowers charms. A strip of charms made the back just the right size. The back did come out looking funny in the pictures. Maybe because the wind was blowing and the gingham made all kinds of funny lines. I like how the charm squares on the front are visible through the back. Can you see them? Nice thin batting and lots of stippling can do that sometimes, I guess.

My husband and I took a hike around our neighborhood this morning. We didn't go down in the forest below our house. There were some other people down there, hiking and enjoying the day. I found some beautiful flowers right on our block. Wish the picture could capture their brilliant color.
I am in general wishing for a new camera. It just dawned on me recently that the old Sony camera I use is only 5.1 megapixels. Am I the only one left using such a dinosaur? Is it time for something new and updated? That can do all kinds of good tricks? It's true, I did have a new Pentax camera, but YES I gave it to one of my children. To take pictures of the grandchildren. For me. Doesn't seem like they are taking that many pictures, but it wouldn't be nice to ask for the camera back now, would it? What do I want--sharper pictures of flowers and quilts, or pictures of grandchildren? Never mind, don't make me answer that one. Well, Menucha and I are going to the States on Sunday for two and a half weeks. Maybe we will get a new camera there, the prices on electronics being better in the States.

There is lots of shopping to do here before we go--need to find some presents and clothes for the kids in Houston, a book for Menucha to read on the plane. I have to cut some leaves for the applique project I'm making. Applique is a good thing to do while waiting for HOURS in airports and sitting on the plane. My husband is leaving for the States tomorrow night. I hope his flight will be okay. Luckily the airport in Israel hasn't had to shut down and flights are going from here to the States as usual. But of course all flights to Europe have been cancelled. I feel so bad for all the people whose flights were cancelled, and the many travellers who were stranded far from home. Hope things will go back to normal soon.
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Quilting Corner said...

The quilt turned out so nice. I'm happy it was finished in time. You were missed this week!! Have a safe trip and hurry back.

sarafiedler@gmail.com said...

Susan this quilt is lovely and I am sure will be appreciated for the new baby. I missed you last Monday.I didn't realize you are leaving so soon. I hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip and I look forward to your return. Sara