Friday, April 2, 2010

My Real Favorite

It may seem strange, but this was the quilt that really "WOW"ed me. Ronit, the young lady who made it, was too shy to stand up and talk about her quilt, but her mother (pictured on the right in the sunglasses) was all too willing to get up and tell about it. Ronit raided her mother's stash for all the print fabrics, hand pieced and hand quilted it, and all while she was doing her army training.
I guess I love the vintage look of this one, and could hardly catch my breath as it was unfolded and spread out for viewing. I own an antique quilt similar to this one, but the stars are bigger and the background is bubblegum pink. I just love this pattern.

And I like anything that had this much work, attention, and love put in.

I wonder what Ronit will do next!

To see more quilts from the show, visit Etty's blog, Quilting Corner. And tell her I sent you!


Kathie said...

beautiful quilt, she should be so proud of herself
army training, is it required for women to be in the army there?

Diane said...

Happy Passover!

I just discovered your blog, what a wonderful surprise to find a combination of two of my favorite things: Jerusalem and quilts.
How awesome it must be there!

Your quilts are so pretty!

Debbie said...

Ronit is actually now an officer in the army! Starting years ago I've always seen her mother hand piecing something, never idle. Now the two sit side by side hand piecing! It's really cute.