Monday, May 10, 2010

Crafty Sunday

I promised the grandchildren that we would go swimming on Sunday if the weather was nice. At the crack of dawn, they were up and dressed in their bathing suits. But wouldn't you know it, the weather was chilly and overcast. So no pool!
We were looking around for something to do, and then I had an idea. "Girls, would you like to make some little purses?" "Sure we would!" "Girls, have you ever sewn?" "Nope."
"Okay, Savta is going to teach you all to sew." I "just happened" to have some felt squares, needles, and embroidery floss in my bag, and we got started. It was a fun afternoon of sewing. I taught them to do the blanket stitch, and they designed their own bags, each one very individual. Even Shira, who I thought was too young at age 6 to learn the stitch, did a wonderful job. That's her pink bag with the yellow flower in the middle.
Aren't these the cutest?

Chaya's bag:

Shira's bag:

Rivky's bag:

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Quilting Corner said...

So very cute! What a great Savta you are.
Missing you and looking forward to your return.
Love, Etty

Andi said...

Awesome work girls!!