Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Monday's Meeting

Yes, I know it's Wednesday. But better late than never! Here is our lovely Bible teacher, who comes to our Monday quilt meetings and attempts to teach us for an hour each week. She is a good-natured sort, and puts up with our stitching (and constant numerous interruptions) with a sense of humor.

Her son is getting married next week, and the group has made a lovely quilt for him and his fiancee. Oddly enough, when it was presented to her to give to him, she said the quilt should stay at her house until the young couple gets settled in their new apartment. Hmmm, I wonder why. Do you think our teacher has developed an appreciation for quilts since she started teaching us?

On the way home from our meeting, I did a lot of walking around town. There are so many things to see in Jerusalem. I find something interesting everywhere I look. Even some geraniums growing in a window box. I love geraniums.

After walking around a bit, I boarded a bus for the way home. Saw an old house from the window of the bus, and snapped a quick picture. Don't you love the ironwork on that fence? There is an amazing amount of ironwork in Jerusalem. Maybe I will start to photograph various examples to show you. I think I've already photographed most of the turn circles in town.

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Quilting Corner said...

The picture of Rochel is wonderful. I hope she gets to see it. She seemed very happy with our special wedding quilt.