Thursday, June 10, 2010

My First Commission!

My friend Sara is a wonderful quilter. I am always amazed at the gorgeous things she makes. But she does not like to do free-motion quilting. So guess who she asked to do some stipple quilting on her new baby quilt? Being as this is really bigger than a regular baby quilt, it took me all of Tuesday morning to quilt it. But I think it came out great. And I love those cute blocks, so happy-happy-happy!

After working on Sara's quilt, I had a hankering to make a baby quilt of my own. Never mind that all 4 babies born in our family so far this year were boys, and I have already made them all quilts of their own. I was in the mood for a baby quilt, and it had to be a GIRL quilt! I am a little bit tired of all these Boy quilts. So last night I pulled out some Swanky turnovers and got to work. What fun! I love the bright pastels. If it was up to me to name this fabric group, I would have called it Sassy! Some of the fabrics are so deliciously citrus-y. It makes my mouth pucker up just to look at them. There is some lemon in there, also some tangerine and lime. I think it's going to need a little white border around it, just to calm it down. This thing is so bubbly, it must be carbonated!

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4 comments: said...

Susan, you did a beautiful job. I cannot believe it took you only a morning. It would have taken me FOREVER!!Is it too big for a baby quilt? I think I should have made it one row less horizontally and vertically.
Look how you just whip up a new baby quilt. It is lovely.
Thanks again and again and again :)

Andi said...

Beautiful job on your firend's quilt and I'm really loving your new quilt!!!

Quilting Corner said...
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Quilting Corner said...

Susan, Sara's quilt looks fantastic. What a big mitzvah you did for her! This stippling is something we all seem to be afraid of for some reason. But I know someday we will all be doing it.
Love, Etty