Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Heat Wave

Not a lot of pics today, as my camera is in the living room, and Someone is sleeping down there. In the midst of a huge heat wave (it was up to 102 degrees F on Sunday, and close to that on Monday and Tuesday), we discovered that the air conditioner in our bedroom had a freon leak over the winter, so no air conditioner!
So my DH is sleeping downstairs on a bed we put into the living room, where the air conditioner is (thankfully) working. I am still in the bedroom, using a fan, which is fine for me. Luckily the temps drop a bit in the night. Only drawback was that I walked into a leg of the fan during the night (ouch!), and now I have a swollen toe or two. Will take a break from my usual walk this morning, to let the swelling go down.

Here is my boy Itamar. He didn't feel well on Monday, and his mom, the accountant, had to go in to work. So guess who got to babysit! He actually didn't seem that sick to me--just a bit of the sniffles--and I wondered if he had put on a good show for his parents so he would get to go to Savta's house for the day... Well, whatever it was, we had a good time together.

Spent the day yesterday at my mother-in-law's house. She isn't doing very well. She dozed in the wheelchair the whole time I was there, wouldn't eat anything, and was pretty unresponsive. Since all she wanted to do was sleep, I studied for my next exam, and almost finished sewing the binding on the blue and yellow quilt. I know a lot of people hate sewing on the binding, but for me in a way it's the best part. The creative part is finished, the technical aspects of piecing and quilting are over, and the binding is just the simple, reliable, same-thing-every-time part of it all. Perhaps it gives me a sense of closure, the feeling that "This quilt is really done. Good work."
How do you feel about sewing on bindings?


Andi said...

You're a good savta!!
Bindings? Recently, I've taken to machine stitching them down. By the time they're so close to being finished, I haven't got the patience for the hand stitching.
Andi :-)

Anonymous said...

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