Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Sweet Finish!

This afternoon I finally got the binding sewed down on my Tumblers quilt. The pattern for this came from Amanda Jean, of crazymomquilts. I used the same fabric as her--4 charm packs of Sweet by Moda. I love this quilt, even though it did take me out of my comfort zone, color-wise. Have never been a big fan of orange, and orange + green is a little much for me. Why does it always remind me of 7-Eleven? Well, I do like the combination of aqua and red, and this was the first time I actually made something with those colors. I especially like those little birds, can you see them in there?

This quilt was so fast and easy to piece, and the quilting took no time at all. Just nice straight lines. In fact, I think sewing down the binding took longer than piecing the top did! Especially because it was a little hot here to be sitting with a quilt on one's lap--it's been 100 degrees all week long, and we don't have central air. But it's done, and I'm really feeling good about that.
I have been trying to turn over a new leaf and become what I call a Finisher, i.e. someone who starts a project and really finishes it. Have been working the whole last year to finish up a lot of my UFO's, and really succeeded on a lot of them. And I'm trying very hard to stay away from starting any new projects. Easier said than done. I hope one day to have no UFO's hidden in their little baskets anymore. I'll just get an idea for a quilt, buy the fabric, make the quilt, and go on to another one. What a nice dream.
In the meantime, I have been attacking the huge pile of thrifted men's shirts, and cutting them up into usable fabric. Am trying to take apart one shirt a day, but so far it doesn't seem to even be making a dent. I can't show a picture of that. It's just a big messy pile, and too embarrassing to show pictures of. The other thing I have been collecting is girls' flowered cotton dresses. I have been cutting them up, and am planning to just make a simple quilt of 4-inch squares. Have to decide if I have enough dresses yet.
It's late afternoon, and it's finally starting to cool down a bit here. I saw on the weather report that temps reached 111 in the Jordan River Valley, just down the hill a little from us. Can't even imagine 111 degrees--can you? Okay, time to take another ice cream break. Be back soon. Hope you are staying cool wherever you are!
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Miri said...

Great finish! I don't know how you're even machine quilting let alone sewing a binding...I've given up for the summer. I barely managed to get the border on my batik star quilt but its finally finished and I posted the pictures yesterday.