Friday, September 3, 2010

A Lovely Squishie

When you live overseas, sometimes it takes a long time for things to get here. Take this darling little giftie my DH just brought. I won this in a giveaway MONTHS ago. But it sure was worth the wait. I never won anything in a giveaway before, so this is doubly exciting.
Here is the adorable card. It's a picture of wonderful quilt.

And here is what I won: some great hand-dyed fabric from one of my favorite bloggers and people, Kristin at Knit One Quilt Too.

 The fabrics were in two piles, one for warm colors and one for cool colors. I just love them all, and will save them until I decide on the perfect project. Thanks, Kristin! You sent them to me such a long time ago, you've probably forgotten about it already, but they're here with me, safe and sound.

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1 comment: said...

Susan they are lovely. Good I'm not the jealous type :).
I'm looking forward to your giveaway.I've only ever won one and it was from you. I hope I'll be so lucky again.