Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beautiful Jerusalem

Today we were on the Mount of Olives, praying at my dear mother-in-law's grave. The view from the mountain is spectacular, and I had time to snap a couple of shots.

Running horizontal across the center of the the picture you can see the wall surrounding the Old City of Jerusalem. The gold domed structure on the left is the one of the two mosques located on the Temple Mount. Somewhere behind that mosque is the Western Wall, which used to be known as the Wailing Wall. To get an idea of the scale of things here, you can see a car going along the road, a little below the exact middle of the picture. Look how tiny the car looks next to the high wall.
You may not find it interesting that there are clouds in the distance, but I do--there are no clouds in the sky here in the summer, but now it is Fall, and the rainy season is coming. So now we are starting to have some clouds!

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