Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Sweet Mother-in-Law

This was the last picture I took of my mother-in-law. She was holding her newborn great-grandson. Mommy lived to hold her great-great-grandson in her arms last January. She was the sweetest woman I knew, my mother-in-law for twenty years. In all that time, we never had a disagreement. After my father-in-law's bypass surgery, they stayed in my house in Baltimore for 3 months. She and I cooked together in my tiny kitchen for 3 months and got along perfectly all the time, even though she was an experienced cook and I really wasn't.

My mother-in-law, Toby Lewis, passed away on Wednesday night, leaving behind over 100 descendents. May her memory be for a blessing.
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Andi said...

Wishing you and your family long life!!
Andi x

Blogless me said...

You are so lucky to have all those sweet memories of her! I hope that makes it easier to bear the loss. Hugs OOO

Quilting Corner said...

So nice that you posted this about your mother-in-law. We should all have such good fortune to have such a mother-in-law and to speak about only good things at a time like this. You are all in our prayers,
Fondly, Etty and everyone at the Quilting Corner