Thursday, February 10, 2011

I've been Hibernating!

The winter has only recently begun here in earnest, but I already feel like I am ready for it to end. I like warm weather!
The house has gotten much colder in the night. I turn the heater in Menucha's room on in the morning before she gets up, so she will awake to a nice, warm room. There is a lot of hot cocoa drinking going on!  There is little chance of snow here, but we did get a couple of days of rain this week. On Monday, as I was on the bus going home from Beitar, I was surprised to see a large barrage of hail!  That almost never happens here.
Because Jerusalem is considered to be in the "mountains", we do get colder temperatures than other parts of the country. Every couple of years we get a bit of snow, not much by North American standards, but we take what we can get!
Looking out over the forest from my window this morning, I saw a flock of these:
They are called bee-eaters. I've shown pictures of them here before, but it's worth showing again. Their colors are just so amazing. I wonder if their appearance is a sign of Spring. *Sigh*. I can't wait.

3 comments: said...

Susan, I'm with you. I too am ready for warmer weather. Hopefully soon :)

Carolyn said...

That is an absolutely beautiful bird! What a great picture!

QuiltinMama said...

I wish it were warmer here, too. Two weeks of on again, off again snow/ice/sleet..this morning it was 26* I'd settle for autumn weather right about now, but at least cold weather gives quilters a reason to curl up and stitch away!
Happy stitching,