Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dear Hubby

Today was my husband's birthday.  Not the big 7-0, but getting there!  To celebrate, we went for lunch to one of our favorite little restaurants, Latteccini.
 The Specials of the Day, in Hebrew and English:
 By the time I got out the camera to take a picture of my Sweet Potato Croquettes with Feta Centers, they were almost all gone.
 My husband's Honey Dijon Salmon disappeared pretty rapidly.  There was nothing left to take a picture of.
My quinoa salad came looking rather mountainous when it arrived.  It tasted good, but there was no way I could finish that huge pile...
 I don't know how we found room for dessert, but where there's a will there's a way.  My husband, ever the chocaholic, chose the chocolate souffle.  I love the melted chocolate center.
 And I always adore a creme brulee, with the delicate crust of caramelized sugar crackling on the top.
 After lunch, we headed over to the Rose Garden, next to the Knesset (the Israeli Parliament).  At the entrance, there are beautiful pink flowers and a sculpture in the center.
 A lovely little lake right in the center of the gardens.
 No public garden would be complete without a Japanese Garden.  This was no exception.  Look at this--can you see the Jewish Star near the top? 
 A gift from some Japanese people.  I can't remember what it says now, but it was something very beautiful.
 Another view of the lovely lake.
 Some sculptures...don't ask me what these are supposed to be...
 The giant Menorah opposite the Knesset building.  This was a gift from Britain, made in 1956.

Happy Birthday, dear, and thank you for a great day!


Roxanne said...

What a lovely afternoon you had. Happy Birthday to your husband. I enjoyed your pictures.

Carolyn said...

Happy Birthday to your husband! Such beautiful pictures...and man, I suddenly feel very hungry :)