Thursday, July 14, 2011

I can't believe I won!

Andi is a wonderful quilter from Australia whose blog, Patch Andi, I adore.  She makes the most amazing bright and modern quilts, is a quilting teacher, and has made some very special Judaic quilts--a chuppah, a beautiful quilt for her temple, and wonderful baby quilts with babies' names appliqued on in Hebrew letters. Recently she had a giveaway in which she asked what type of fabric the recipients would like.  Imagine--a giveaway where you can pick the prize!  Well, here are the fabrics that matched the description of what I would like,  and soon they'll be on their way to my mailbox! 

Thanks, Andi, I can't wait to see and touch these lovelies in real life!  


Roxanne said...

Congratulations. Nice win. May your fabric stash keep growing.

QuiltinMama said...

Congrats on nabbing those bright and funky prints!!

Andi said...

My pleasure.

Quilting Corner said...

This is just fabulous. What a wonderful collection. I'm so happy you won. Mazel Tov.