Thursday, February 2, 2012

Making Progress

Am having a good time making these scrappy blocks. It's especially fun when the pattern starts to emerge.
And I'm so happy to finally be using up fabrics I really didn't like and that had been sitting in bins for years. You always read about people pointing to pieces in a quilt and saying, "That one there, that was from Aunt Bessie's apron. She wore it when she made her prize-winning apple pies. And that one over there, that was from Grandma's wedding dress when she got married during the Great Depression."  Every piece of fabric in the old quilt brings to mind a treasured memory.  Well, I am embarrassed to say I don't know where 90% of these fabrics CAME from! I recognize a couple of them from other quilts I had made years ago, but the majority of them--did I BUY THIS???  And why would I do that? I hope I'm not having a senior quilting moment.
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Carolyn said...

I laughed when I read about your "did I buy this? and Why?" moment. I've had a couple of those too lately! I'm loving the way it's coming together though!

Roxanne said...

I must be getting forgetful too. I have no idea where or why some of my fabric stash is in my fabric stash either. How's the jetlag coming?