Thursday, February 9, 2012

Signs of Spring

After a pretty gloomy week, the sun finally decided to come out.  Trees are flowering all over the place, and it feels like spring is on its way. Not that we have much of a winter here in Jerusalem. It's our rainy season, so December and January are cold and wet, but then by February things are already starting to perk up.

I'm feeling kind of perked-up too. My husband is feeling better, my jet-lag has resolved, and I spent two lovely days in Beitar this week quilting with friends.  Our grandson is getting married in 2 weeks, and (this is a MIRACLE) Menucha and I both found dresses to wear to the wedding. We have had a lot of miracles lately. 

Now if only a miracle would happen and the house would clean itself. Pretty please.

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Quilting Corner said...

Susan, this was a great shot. I'm starting to see trees bloom also.

Roxanne said...

It seems that spring is coming early this year. That flowering tree makes me salivate for the garden. A few more weeks though for us. Enjoy the wedding.