Thursday, March 1, 2012

The View from my Window

Even though it seemed like Spring was here, and trees were flowering everywhere, and wildflowers were appearing on the hillsides as if by magic, it appears that Winter is taking its leave slowly.  Lots of rain has pounded the country, and high winds are whistling around the house and through the city. The rainwater runs down the hills behind my house, and forms rushing little streams in the valley below. (You can see the twin streams in the picture if you look hard.)  If I open the window, I can hear the roar of the water as it forms miniature waterfalls on its way down the valley. There is a forecast of snow for tomorrow, and of course all the children (and some adults, myself included) are feeling the excitement.  Maybe this year it will really happen!
Meanwhile, I'm staying inside, keeping busy, drinking hot cocoa and lots of tea.  Put a favorite chick-flick into the computer, and while it played I got some work done on this:

 Made some more blocks for my Scrappy Trips Around the World--I'm up to 30 blocks finished, and only 18 more to go!
And last night I finished this book on my Kindle.  It was a freebie that Bonnie Hunter talked about on her Quiltville blog. I don't know how, but she always finds the good ones, and this was no exception.
Of course, if I sit down to read, at least one cat, or sometimes two, has to sit on my lap and keep me company.  So even though my husband is in S. Africa on business, Menucha is in school the whole day, and it's gloomy and dull outside from the storm, I'm finding things to do and not feeling too lonely at all.

4 comments: said...

Susan you never have to be lonely, I'm just a chat away :)
I LOVE the quilting you are doing for me.
Hey everyone, Susan is my quilter. When you have someone as good a she is why do I need to learn free motion quilting?
Thanks Susan, keep up the good work!

Roxanne said...

Wow! I read about how excited everyone was in Israel about the snow. Grownups are like little children aren't we? :) It's so interesting that you are having snow and we, who usually have too much of it, are having a very light winter this year. My husband loves it. He only had to clear the driveway twice this year.

Quilting Corner said...

Susan, this blue quilt is going to be wonderful. I like the quilt pattern you are doing on it. It looks like a lot of work, but worth it. My hubby likes it too.

QuiltinMama said...

The quilting is beautiful, Susan!